Dog Walking Adventures in Toronto, Ontario

A tired dog is a happy dog

The best advice many pet care professionals and animal specialists will give you is that one of the key ingredients to a healthy, happy dog is lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Your furry friend doesn't want to hang out inside all day - they want to be outside to run and jump and play! Group walks are great for socialization through pack play, health through exercise and stimulation through interaction. 

Send your dog out on an adventure with us today!


Daily Adventures

Toronto is filled with amazing parks and spaces to explore and I try to make sure your dog gets to experience as much of it as possible. There are a few favourite places that the Bark Rangers like to patrol - swimming at Cherry Beach, hiking trails through Sherwood forest and in the Don Valley, to a mix of all three at Sunnybrook Park! Our one hour group walks are always a fun-filled adventure!


Personal & Professional

The advantages of working with a small business owner are innumerable. I build personal relationships not just with the dogs, but with you, the client.  By getting to know you and your furry friend, The Bark Rangers provides you with a service that will feel custom tailored to your needs. It also means that you have a direct line to me!


Licensed & Insured

The Bark Rangers takes it's responsibilities very seriously. I maintain an active Commercial Dog Walker Permit with the city, robust Dog walking insurance, which also means I am fully bonded. I am certified in Pet First Aid and I continue to upgrade my skills by training and working with some of the top professionals in the city of Toronto. 


THE Rangers

Below are just a few photos of our Rangers! Follow us on Instagram for more!