Dog Walking Adventures in Toronto, Ontario


The Bark Rangers is an exclusive service for people who want the best for their pets. Dogs that are part of our Ranger Units get to patrol many of Toronto's best parks with their friends both on leash and off. I try and make sure our dogs get to experience something new from day to day - that means changing the park we go to or the neighbourhood we walk in. I truly believe a dog gets more mental stimulation from discovering and experiencing new things, and more mental stimulation can help lead to a calmer more well behaved dog. When dogs walk in our Units they will be consistently learning and working on different skills - from recall to on leash manners. No dog is perfect, but our Rangers are pretty close!

Another aspect of the business that I take very seriously is your privacy and the safety of your pets. I pride myself on being very attentive to every animal in my care and I make sure to notify you, the client, whenever I think something might be amiss. The Bark Rangers only has one Chief Ranger - me - so the service you receive will be consistent and you never have to worry about someone new coming to pick up your dog every other week. 

The Bark Rangers is a personal, professional, and caring company that just wants to make your life, and the life of your pet, a little bit better.


Ranger Units

     Group walks

Group dog walks are one hour and take place in local parks and neighbourhoods. Each walk has a maximum of six dogs, all of which live close to each other so your dog isn't in the car for too long. Walks can be on or off leash and can consist of playing fetch, going for a hike or going for a swim. 

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Solo Patrols

     Private Walks

Private walks are great for dogs who need exercise but might not benefit from a group walk scenario. Solo Patrols are only available after 4PM on weekdays and on request on weekends. Walks will be up to an hour long, depending on the dogs activity level. A priority is placed on regular walking clients over occasional clients and Solo Patrols may not always be available. 


Boarding & Pet Sitting

     Regular clients only

Boarding is subject to availability with the Bark Rangers. I can either bring your dog to my house or look after your pets in your own home. Dogs still get their regularly scheduled walk, maybe more depending on my schedule. Rates are charged per night, so regardless of when I start or end a stay you are only charged for the overnights.


      5 days/week


      less than 5 days/week


     two dogs






     House Sitting


     per 7 nights
Taxes included. Please note: We require a minimum commitment of 3 days/week for group walks. I also offer double walks ($30) or daycare ($35). For boarding stays, I do not accept boarding requests in my own home for more than 3 nights for non group walk dogs.

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